Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kashmala Tariq & Humayun Akhtar Khan phone

Kashmala Tariq & Humayun Akhtar Khan phone scandal, Fake or Real  

you may now Veena Malik or Mathira’s scandals are spicy enough for you, but now we have have another sexy scandal for you that is making round over the internet  It is our very own hot looking   Kashmala Tariq   leaked telephone conversation with her fellow politician Humayun Akhtar Khan.  In conversation beautiful Kashmala Tariq scandal can be heard in romantic tone speaking to Humayun Akhtar Khan probably in the morning. o . The telephone recording has obvious illicit conversation that is supposed to be a private one.  Humayun Akhtar Khan asked her to have breakfast and later they both fool around for several minutes romantically The authenticity of this leaked telephone conversation of Kashmala Tariq is still unclear. It may be all fabricated and fake.  . You can listen to this leaked telephone/cell call audio by clicking the below mention This leaked telephone conversation’s video is making its round over the internet at the moment video  
. She has done her graduation from Lahore School of Economics (LUMS) child domestic labor issues and women development. Unlike most Pakistani female politicians,   Kashmala Tariq is well educated, groomed and charming female lawmaker Kashmala Tariq is not only most hot & good looking female politician but she have also made her mark in addressing woman issues especially related to honor killings and amendments to controversial Hudood Ordinance.   

Sunday, March 10, 2013

kashmala tariq scandal by socialjutt

Hot kashmala tariq scandal   If you think Veena Malik or Mathira's scandals are not spicy enough for you, we have another sexy scandal for you that is is pakistani  worker and she is Member of the national assembly of pakistan from the women consituency NA 277 for the punjab and she belongs to the pakistan Muslim league Q or pmlq she is also actively involed in many scandals and in these days kashmala tariq scandal is going on top she is talking on call with MR humayoun akhtar and they are in very sexy mood and talk like very softly kashmala tariq scandal get top rating now

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

kashmala tariq phone call scandal

 Kashmala Tariq is one of the beautiful and bold Mna at  Pakistan She is very famous due to his attitude and her face beauty . In this exclusive audio, she is talking with a politician over the phone and that chat is going to be very romantic and bold .she is talking in a very bold style This is an amazing video with voice of Kashmala you can see at video site at videos.socialjutt.com  One of a opposite party worker has an allegation on her that

Video Scandal of Kashmala Tariq

The video contains immoral content and many in Pakistan have called for and have requested that these female politicians should not Parliament.There is the buzz around on the internet especially on social media PML-Q leader Tariq Kashmala video was leaked . Kashmala Tariq should be banned from doing politics

Kashmala Tariq amazing photos socialjutt

Kashmala Tariq amazing photos

Famous female politician kashmala tariq photos leaked.lot of buz about kashmala Tariq video scandal on social media and electronic media. The video contains contain immoral content and many people in pakistan have demanded that Kashmala tariq should be banned to enter the parliament.
some time back, a telephonic call was said to be leaked which contained bad talk and other immoral content while she was seen on some beach wearing Bikini. with her friends and its not good for any pakistani bcoz every other pakistani can say to pakistanis that thier parlimanetrain are not good and all girls are same and all like that